Falling In Deep Collection – To Each His Own by Anna Albergucci

The final individual release for the Falling in Deep Collection is To Each His Own by Anna Albergucci!


Douglass McGrail is a Scottish water horse—his clan the deadliest in the British Isle. When the shifter chooses to save—rather than eat—a young lassie, he never expects her innocent face to mark his memory so strongly.

Months later, he stumbles onto a perceived attack in progress and plays the hero once more. He’s shocked to find the victim is the same lass who haunts his dreams.

Jinny Fairchild is an English miss who’s come to the Highlands to live with her last remaining family. She is pursued by her handsome older cousin, Lachlan Brockhouse, but he has a dark side that lands her in the path of the mighty Douglass McGrail.

Douglass wants Jinny for himself, yet discovers she is connected to the attacker she denies knowing. He’s determined to find the truth.

Jinny loves Lachlan, even with his dark side. And she loves Douglass, even with his dark secret. Her heart is torn, but one thing is certain—no matter which of these men she chooses, she will be choosing a monster.




Scottish Highlands, 1829

Douglass McGrail

The lass sat shaking in the sand and tall grass wi’ her knees to her chest and hugging her skirt to her face, as if to hide from all she’d just seen and been put through.

I felt a bit guilty as I didnae have to be so vicious wi’ her attacker, but something had come over me and I wanted to teach the depraved bastard a lesson. Here I was considering war for a mere chance to get my hands on a female to cherish, and that damn fool was treating this one so brutal.

Hoping to comfort the victim, I tucked my kilt so as no’ to shock her even more and squatted down before her. She dug her hands into the sand and scooted away from me. The skirt fell, showing me her face.

“Ye again—” The words stuck in my throat and all I could do was stare. Seeing her face again was that staggering. She was as appealing to me as I’d remembered.

“Again?” she said, her voice no more than a whisper. “When have we met, sir?”

“That day those months ago, on the road—” I closed my mouth when she looked at me like I’d grown another nose, and I realized my blunder.

I’d tried to forget that encounter but could no’. ’Twas that chance meeting that got me keen on finding a mate. I’d been intrigued by the bonnie lass on the cliff road above, and was so angry when that careless driver nearly killed her. I’d wanted to bite his bloody head clean off his body, but found there was no time for anger, and realized I would have done anything to save the lass—a human lassie I didnae even know.

Interview Questions:

  1.    What is your favorite mermaid story or myth? – Honestly, my favorite mermaid story is one I had the privilege to beta read for a fellow author for this box set. I will not reveal which one, as my opinion might change after I read all of them, but that would be hard to accomplish.
  1. What was the inspiration for your mermaid novella? – Since the novellas could be based on any mythical water creature, not only mermaids, I chose a character from my Phoenix Decree Series, a Scottish water horse known as the each-uisge, pronounced ech-ooshkya. While Douglass McGrail, a gorgeous but deadly shifter, is the protagonist in To Each His Own, he is a gorgeous but deadly antagonist in the Phoenix Decree books. In that series he is a character who has a back history, but one I only give the reader a taste of; the rest only existed in my mind—I hadn’t planned to write it. But when this project presented itself, it gave me that opportunity. But then I had to create an even darker antagonist to oppose Douglass, which wasn’t easy and required a lot of research. That was interesting.
  1. Cast your characters. If your novella was made into a movie, who would play your main characters? – These are for looks only, since one of my choices is a model and not an actor. The curvy and innocent-faced Kate Upton as Jinny Fairchild. The wild and disheveled Marlon Teixeira (taller and on steroidsJ) as Douglass McGrail. And the dark but beautiful Ian Somerhalder (with slightly auburn hair) as Lachlan Brockhouse.
  1. What was the most challenging thing in writing about mermaids? – Though this wasn’t the hardest thing in writing To Each His Own, it was the hardest in writing about a water creature—the water scenes. Jinny is human and susceptible to the elements. Set along the northern British Isle around the Highlands, Jinny couldn’t breathe under water, and would die of hypothermia if exposed too long. So, how could I give her and Douglass a water scene that didn’t seem contrived and made sense with the story? I had to be a bit more creative with that, and I have to say I really like the outcome.
  1. Ursula or Ariel? – If you are asking which I prefer, then very hard to choose there. What is one without the other, right? A dull story. But if you are asking which is closer to the personality of my lead character, then I’ll let the reader be the judge;)
  1. What else should we know about your novella? – You should know it is written in two parts, both novellas to be released in the Falling in Deep Collection on the same day.


About the Author:

Anna Albergucci has always had a vivid imagination. When she was a child, she entertained her mother and anyone who would listen with the telling of her intricate dreams. Now she puts that inspiration to paper, weaving her stories into deeply passionate characters that live lives the rest of us only dream about.

Married to her high school sweetheart, Anna lives in Texas surrounded by her ever-growing family and her fur babies. She serves as president of Cisco Writers Club, and is the founder of a yearly writers’ retreat she hosts at her estate each fall.

She loves mornings, coffee, and sitting on the porch appreciating her life. She’s a sucker for hosting parties, especially historical costume parties. And in her spare time you can find her touring old mansions, shopping for antiques, or curled up reading a romance, paranormal, or thriller, whether historical or contemporary.

Follow Anna: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annaalbergucci.author


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