Sever on Kindle Unlimited

Hi everyone!
Quick updates-
Sever (ebook) is now available for purchase exclusively through Amazon and is listed in their
Kindle Unlimited subscription service. So if you are a member, you can borrow Sever for FREE!
(Paperback still available in other markets.)
Amazon Links-

My next project,Deep Breath, will be part of a collection with new, original works from several talented authors. It’s going to make a splash this summer. (Too corny??)
I’m in the early stages of Deep Breath, but words are starting to flow and I’m really enjoying it.
For more information about this collection, visit the Facebook page, sign up for the exclusive newsletter (<– sneak peek of some unreleased covers here), and check out the Listopia list on Goodreads. More titles and covers will be added as we get closer to release dates.
Be sure you add them to your TBR while you’re there!
Also, several of the authors for this collection are involved in a Kick-Butt Female Character giveaway happening now. Visit this Rafflecopter and enter for a chance to win one (or more) of over 100 books up for grabs!I think that’s about it for now.
Here’s a little unedited (so please excuse my grammar issues) snippet from Deep Breath.

Deep Breath
J.M. Miller © 2015

“Don’t do this, Darci,” Marissa pleaded, realizing this wasn’t some petty situation that had accidentally escalated. It was dire, and it was intentional.

Darci glanced down. The lines around her eyes softened a moment, then she heaved the anchor and chain overboard.

Marissa shrieked when the chain’s slack ran out and yanked hard at her ankles.

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I’ve recently become a frequent poster on Instagram, so come join me in my random picture posting (giveaways there sometimes also!).

Happy reading and much love!

~J.M. ❤


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