Chapter One LIVE



Something big is coming!

Ever wanted to see your favorite authors read their own words, but you’re unable to attend a signing or a conference?
Well, soon you will be able to see and hear them! Chapter One LIVE is a You Tube channel dedicated to bringing you authors reading excerpts from their own books. You’ll get to hear the words you love read by those who wrote them! And you might also find your next read!

Make sure you subscribe to the channel now to witness the start of something huge!
To keep up to date, and maybe request your favorite author, check in with the Chapter One LIVE Facebook page and also follow on Twitter.





I’ve already recorded my video for The Line That Binds (It’s in the pic above with the other amazing books!), and I can’t wait for you all to see it! I also made an outtake vid you can find here- OUTTAKE VID

I’m sure there will be bloopers from other authors posted eventually to the channel as well!

So don’t wait! Subscribe and follow today!



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