The end more blur

The Line That Binds’ sequel, The Line That Breaks, is now finished!
I confess, I am a slow writer. Or, at least, I feel really slow sometimes. The truth is, I write at my own speed. Everyone has their own pace. Mine is good for me, though there are times I wish I could do more.
But not today!

I just finished the first draft (although I do get caught up in edits along the way, which may be why I take so long anyway)!

At roughly 108,ooo words, in a little over four months, it’s done. Β When I jump into edits, there will be some slicing and dicing. It’ll happen. It has to happen to tighten it all up. Most of the time, the first draft has a lot of filler that I need to just spill out there during the process, but it ends up being just that: filler. Bland and often redundant. So it’ll get cut.

I also wanted to go ahead and announce The Line That Breaks release date since I hadn’t officially set one.
Drum roll…
March 24th.

I believe, after a few revisions, Beta reads, more revisions, the real edit with editor, those changes, plus one last once-over and trip to a formatter, it will be ready to leave the nest!

Be on the look out!

Teasers will come soon so be sure to keep an eye on my FB PAGEΒ ,

and please add to your GOODREADS TBR too!



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