Roof Shots and Evil Edits


Wow, have I been slacking with blog posts!

I’m sorry for the longer-than-usual hiatus. After I returned earlier this month from visiting family and friends, I dove back into my WIP for revisions. I recently finished the second draft (hooray!) and ordered a print version from I like to use a full print version for an edit. Seeing the book in another format really helps me notice errors that I may not catch on the computer screen. If you are interested in printing yours through Lulu, just be certain you keep your book marked ‘private’ so only you can see and buy it.

While I’m waiting on the print version to arrive, I’ll be working on the full synopsis and blurb, which is so much fun evil it makes me want to cry. I believe most writers will agree that the synopsis and blurb are the most daunting part of writing a book. It’s easy to throw one hundred thousand words on a paper (kinda debatable), but trying to cram that info into two tell-all pages, or stuff it into about 250 buy-my-book words is NOT fun!

Once they are finished and I’ve gotten feed back from some Beta readers, I’ll hit my next rounds of edits. I have decided to query only one agent for this project. If the agent decides to pass, I will self-publish later this year. Don’t worry! Whatever the outcome, I will let you know as soon as possible!

While on vacation, some friends and I took a day trip and held our own photo shoot. The goal was to get some really great pics to potentially use for my new book’s cover. I am super pleased with the pictures and I’m looking forward to showing them off, whether it’s for the cover or teaser quotes! I’m sorry I can’t share them with you right now, but I have included the above picture of me taking one of said pictures for your amusement.

Yes, the roof was safe. At least safe enough that I didn’t go through it.


What are your methods for editing?
Do you like to use multiple formats?
Do you climb on roofs?


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