Hiding Eggs


Whether you celebrate Easter or not, it’s always fun to eat a little chocolate. Okay, you caught me. A LOT of chocolate. I paid for it this morning with a treadmill 5K, though it may take a whole week of 5Ks to really even the score.
Anyhow, all of the Easter celebrations over the weekend got me thinking, which despite the rumors from friends and family is actually a good thing.
I promise to get back to the point in a minute, but first a little explaining.

I LOVE Easter eggs. Not the kind you eat. And not the kind you paint. I’m talking specifically about the kind you hide (I guess these could be ones you paint and eat, but you get the idea).
You know what I’m talking about? I think you may. An Easter egg is also another name for little hidden treasures found inside of books, movies, games, or any other type of media. When you think about these Easter eggs you may think most notably of Disney animation. They are known for placing little subtle (and sometimes in-your-face) images inside of their movies. You can probably name a few off the top of your head, right? (Feel free to leave them in the comments because I LOVE these)

I can think of two from the movie Aladdin.
1. When the Sultan is stacking his little trinket/toys/figurines in an tower, we get to see a figurine of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.
2. When the Genie is granting Aladdin’s wish to be a prince, he pulls a crab out of the recipe book. The crab is Sebastian from The Little Mermaid.

So my point to this is that authors hide eggs, too. Most of the time it’s a way to reference their other works.
I’ve been asked whether I’ll will write a sequel to, or some type of spin-off of Caly’s Piece. I haven’t really decided, truthfully. Maybe down the road . . .
Lately, I’ve been working on a new project, and this weekend gave me a cute idea. I have a way to link a couple of Caly’s Piece characters to my next project. It’s not really going to be a large cameo, and they may not even have dialogue, but it will be an Easter egg that my readers can enjoy finding. If they find it, I’m hoping it will make them happy.

So, I hope you got to find some eggs this weekend. And, if you didn’t go on a hunt, I hope you got to at least eat some (or a lot) of chocolate!


Do you know any good media Easter eggs?
Care to share?

Oh, and here’s a picture of my dog a few years back, just because.



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