The start of the junk/Doggy paddling


Hi. I’m Jen, and I am an indie author.

I know that sounds like an intro to a group therapy session, and some days I feel like that’s exactly what I need–group therapy.
I’ve leapt into the indie pool and I’ve been…doggy paddling. I probably should’ve taken a few group lessons or attended a meet first, but I did my own research, pulled on my big-girl suit, and dove right in.
So now I’m learning my own way, like so many others in the business. I won’t bother you with details right now. I think I have to test my blogging skills before I post any information that could actually help (or harm) other people. And I will try to give back to others who are currently doggy paddling with me because there are plenty of authors (indie and traditional) who have helped me more than they’ll ever know.

The good news is that I am definitely not alone. There are a lot of us. All of us are splashing around, trying to attract attention while looking elegant and intelligent…with our floaties on.
The truth is, I’m excited about all of it. Good and bad, floaties and anchors!

I published my debut novel, Caly’s Piece in December of 2012 and I’m currently working on my next novel. I will try to post to this blog often, but I have to admit that I’m not the greatest multitasker. I do promise to try my best as I always do, whether I’m dipping my toes or diving right in.


Sink or swim time!
What are your thoughts?
Are you just starting on your indie publishing career?
Do you like to swim?
Or are you afraid of sharks?
Or afraid of floaties?


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